Magpie Events specializes in meaningful event planning with the goal being an event that captures the dreams and imaginations of the client.  Celebrations are the expressions of our best selves, who we dream of being, the beauty we hope shines through.  Magpie Events believes in all of that silly stuff, and we want to help you make all of that happen. Celebrations can be 50 to 500 or more.  Corporate events to fundraisers, graduation parties to 60th  birthdays whatever your celebration we want to help you party! A little party never hurt nobody.

Because each event, wedding, celebration or gathering differs in scope, MAGPIE EVENTS practices bespoke pricing, a customized approach to determine a level of consideration that is appropriate to the event.  Through discussion and conversation, an amount that is commensurate with the level of detail, time, effort, scope and intricacies will be determined.  Examples of possible packages are below:


20 hours of concept design/conversation. Additional hours determined once concept and scope is decided. Execution of event is a collaboration between Magpie Events and client. For first time fundraiser concept design we provide a  3 hour discovery session. This if for the client that likes to get their hands “dirty” with glitter, glue and pixie dust–thank  goodness that stuff never washes off.  Access to Magpie’s Closet, a boutique rental company only associated with Magpie’s Events is included in this package.


Size matters, sorry but it’s true….depending on size of concept, number of people attending, scope of event we will determine hours necessary to produce a great event.  Included in this package is concept design which is the mother of all great parties and means we provide(with your input, or without it if you really don’t want to do any work at all)  the following: theme of event, printed materials design and coordination, venue decor, food and beverage  planning and all the little details that make people feel like….well, like it was 1999, or better….next we execute all of those things, without bugging you about it, then we make it look like nobody has been there.  Voila! Oh and PS Access to Magpie’s Closet, a boutique rental company only associated with Magpie’s events  is included in this package.

Additional hours available for both packages.