Time to Drink Champagne

I’m lucky to have lived someplace so long that so many of my “clients” are people I’ve known all of their lives.  I’ve known this birthday girl’s parents since college, her dad was my college boyfriend’s big brother in the fraternity,  her mom and I were at a few derby days together and her aunt is one of my best friends, so throwing a little 30th birthday soiree for her was another labor of love.  Especially since she bubbles like a bottle of champagne…just so happens to be her favorite drink.  So this night was all about popping champagne and letting it’s magic overflow.  You may think since champagne was the star of the show then this was a fancy schmancy thing, uhhh, you got that wrong.  This was the perfect mix of uptown/down home.  Childhood favorites like goldfish and cheetos, ring pops and wax lips were passed appetizers, bows and crowns filled bowls for guests to don like the birthday girl wore in her childhood and as homecoming queen. Food trucks pulled up to serve Brownies hamburgers with whatever you wanted with it, tots, fries, onion rings and root beer,  I mean what could be better?  Well……if you’ve got a sweet tooth then the cute girls at Laurannae Cupcakes in their precious trailer might win you over.  For me it was all yummy!! We had our favorite balloon girl, Tasha Boren, to create a room of champagne bubbles going everywhere, and our lighting guys from Omni lighting illuminating the night.  One of the favorites was the personalized logo they created to welcome everyone to the special evening!  Some of the best of everything was the darling paper items the birthday girls’ co-owner at Inviting Place, Sara Coonce, created!  She designed the most fun and happy invitation, setting the tone and getting the party started.  I mean, who doesn’t want to “Drink Champagne and Dance on the Tables”?  Especially when it’s for this special birthday girl!  Happy 30th should always look like this.


The Inviting Place, Omni Lighting, Party Pro Rents, La Tavola Linens, Tasha Boren, Brownies Gourmet Hamburgers, Laurannae Cupcakes.

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