I was asked to come in kind of at the last minute to pull a few things together for the darling chairs of this wonderful event, TABLESCAPES.  A benefit for the incredible Tulsa Girls Art School.  It’s not hard to be inspired to create something fun, whimsical and happy for an event that is built to support and honor the precious girls at Tulsa Girls Art School.  Their art and faces are enough to inspire anyone to dream a dream of hope and promise.  So off we went thinking of ways to express the creativity of this event in decor and feel.  They already had all the important aspects of something special before we came along; thoughtfulness, an important reason for gathering, and lots of creative vision. There were 3 main components to this event: The TABLESCAPES, THE GIRLS, THE HAIR AND DRESSES.  Lot’s of free thought and careful execution brought all of those components together.  Visiting adult artists, architects, interior designers, florists and others created stunning TABLESCAPES inspired by various artists such as Rene Magritte, Banksy, Matisse all as varied as the beautiful creations they inspired.  The students attending Tulsa Girls Art School shared their work through an art show and a fashion show where their designed and embellished dresses were modeled by young ladies with the final touch of artists inspired hair design created by the talented hair dressers from Marylin Ihloff Salons.  So all we needed to do was ask ourselves how do we take all of that creative wonder and tie it up with a bow, or balloons in this case.  We started with our wonderful friend Diana Tucker, of Balloons Express.  We gave her a little direction and off she went creating a showstopper!  TGAS lighted letters were embellished with decorated stands painted by the multi-talented co-chair of the event Andrea Gardner.  Vinyl banners and coverings for the Party Pro Bars starred the beautiful faces of the Tulsa Girls Art School Students  and were provided by Visual FX of Tulsa. Linens painted by the younger students at the school covered some of the tables, while the other tables had beautiful La Tavola velvet linens in varying colors lined up in ombre fashion.  Their centerpieces were provided by the always wonderful Toni of Toni’s Flowers and Gifts.  She never fails to be supportive and provided just the right touch.  The centerpieces were artifacts and flowers from her special shop.  Greeting guests as they arrived were the big LOVE balls(you can get your own at TALORTON) because what else says “Welcome to the most creative, happy, special, meaningful event” than a big ball of LOVE.



Diana Tucker-Tulsa Balloons Express, La Tavola Linens, Visual FX Vinyls, Toni’s Flowers and Gifts


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