She loves me

Remember that game you used to play when you were little, with a daisy and all their petals….he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…so hoping you end up with the last petal on the he loves me.  Such a certain predictor of the future.  We could go skipping in to the future  knowing that someone special loved us.

We start out early wanting love, the reassurance of it, the confidence that we will have a match, that someone out there will want to pull the petals off their daisy dreaming that the flower, in all it’s infinite wisdom, will declare yes we love them too. I love the innocent idea that plucking petals reveals some insight that nature might have in our destiny…..simple, sweet, good.  So we did this fun wedding shower with the ever so insightful daisy and it’s question “does she love me, love me not?” as the centerpiece of everything.  This smart daisy was an unequivocal yes, she loves me! Every detail  confirmed LOVE,  even the koozies that read  “She loves me”-Caleb and “He loves me”-Rachel. LOVE it when those childhood dreams come true.

Vendors-Party Pro Rents, MAB’s Meats, Mel Bakes, Janie Sallinger Art, Courtney Sokolosky Photography

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