Rock On


Although Sting was only able to send flowers, this night was still one for the books! The guest of honor was also the guest star showing off his talents and entertaining his fans with “I love rock’n roll”  There was a lot to love about this night but mostly all the great family and friends of the special birthday guy who came dressed like the rock stars they are, posed for the paparazzi with their backstage passes and celebrated their number one rocker and his 60 Rockin’ years! They  danced the night away, both inside and out on the deck, where bourbon and cigars were served. They took a bite out of life and one crazy, amazing, incredible birthday cake, or was that a guitar and amp??  Music wasn’t the only thing being made that night, I think I saw a few memories too.  Rock on’ people, rock on.




Vendors: Amy Herndon Photography, Five Oaks Lodge, The Inviting Place, Frostens Cakes, Raffle Creative(Chalkart), Party Pro Rents, J. Mathis Props, Mary Murray Flowers

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