M was my first bride that I’d never met before we embarked on this little journey together, so I was a little curious on how it would go.  Would I get to know her well enough to interpret what she wanted for her special day? How would it all turn out?  All of those “worries” flew out the window when I met her and her darling mom.  They were the best duo, fun, happy, sweet and did I mention fun? We schemed and dreamed our way through  a cloud of pink ( with a touch of green here and there) I loved every minute of our planning.  Their openness to new ideas, their certainty of what they liked, their timeliness to meetings, their love of rose’ with me….it was a match made in pink heaven.  All of our time spent together, pouring over ideas, emailing back and forth, being honest, getting to know each other led up to the most fun, happy, chic, fanciful wedding day, just like my bride! I found out not only would I get to know my bride and her mom, I would add people to my heart. In the end I feel very certain that I walked away with as much as they did, although I know that walk M made,the day we’d been planning for, was the best walk of her life.

Vendors: Imago Vita Photography; Party Pro Rentals; The French Bouquet of Tulsa; La Tavola Linens; Ash Franke Stylist; Daniel Weir Design; MagPie Events and Rentals; Omni Lighting; Amy Herndon Photography

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