Tradition. Time-honored. Handed down from generation to generation. Timeless. Enduring.

Marriage.  Tradition at it’s very core.  How lucky are those that have families passing along tokens of love from the past to be taken into the future.  The wedding of K&B was filled with delights of past and future.  Wedding dates that connected the present day bride and groom to those from their past, cake toppers that had made their way through generations to find themselves perched atop a traditional yet modern wedding cake and a MOB that made sure that all of the love from family and friends created a day full of magic for the bride and groom.

I loved my days with the MOB, working together to create something  unique and beautiful for her sweet daughter.  We fell in love with lace covered balloons and crystal candelabras, monograms and lovely linens.  Each current touch was balanced with something timeless and elegant and always with the bride and groom in mind.

I’m reminded at every wedding, that it’s not just the day for the bride and groom, it’s all those that have paved the way, that love them, that are cheering them on and that see for them a wonderful future.  It’s a celebration of what has been and what has yet to be.  The wedding of K&B had plenty of both.

Vendors: Imago Vita Photography; The Mayo Hotel; Omni Lighting; Tulsa Balloons Express; The Inviting Place; Party Pro Rents; Visual FX; Toni’s Flowers; La Tavola Linens; Frosten’s; Box Talent; Candice Davis; MagPie Events

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