Coming to the Table

There is something tender and sweet about setting a table, especially for those you love and care for.  The process is thoughtful and particular. Traditional and structured, yet creative and free.  It anticipates the coming together of loved ones, sitting together, nourishing body and soul.  In preparation there is lots of perusing through your inventory, memories pop up when you spy your grandmothers china, or your mother-in-laws crystal, or maybe it’s the first christmas plates you purchased for your young family.  Perhaps it’s something new and precious that you’ve added.  Whatever the case, setting the table is an expression of love.

This fall I had two very different but special  table setting days.  During our Thanksgiving stay in New York City, to be close to our daughter,  I packed up a few items from home, special napkins both cloth and paper, a few glittered pumpkins and turkeys, a hole punch and some ribbon…good to go.  I had been eyeing some plates at Williams-Sonoma that said grateful and thankful, a lover of words, anything with letters is my happy place.  Found them on sale in the city and added them to our Thanksgiving table.  There was something very freeing about only having very few items to worry about and put together.  The great thing about NYC is what’s at your fingertips.  Walking two blocks I found the most glorious florals, cabbages and fall foliage, scooped that up and headed back to our temporary home.  Scrounged around and found some vessels for the greenery and laid out my table.  It reminded me that it’s sometimes how you see what you have, not what you have that makes life beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, is there anything more beautiful than a long lasting love?  My sweet friends were celebrating 30 wonderful years and in honor of that the husband purchased the both gorgeous and sentimental china of Sasha Nicholas. The china where you can write love notes on the back….some genius and thoughtfulness in that creation. He wanted her to feel all the love those 30 years had brought. We conspired for a couple of months to surprise her with the choices of china, colors, notes and monogram.  Preciousness.  Local florists Toni of Toni’s Flower and Gifts created a stunning centerpiece of red roses.  We showed up on their anniversary, set the table with new china and fantastic monogrammed napkins they owned in the wife’s favorite red.  Place cards designed with the personal signature sign-off between husband and wife held names of family members, both past and present.  The table was set with the spirit that accompanies a love made of duration, history, hope and passion.  I couldn’t wait until I heard about the moment of discovery, where she walked in to see the display of love.  Let’s just say, she felt it.


Sasha Nicholas, Toni’s Flowers and Gifts

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