AB Design is focused on finding the inspiration of the client and implementing a design that meets that inspiration. “Design can have many types of soul. The key is to have one.” Justin Ohrens.  Too dramatic ?  Nope, huh uh. Aesthetic is good for the soul, and yours should reflect you.  You know it’s in there, we just want to help let it loose, give it wings, let it surround you everyday.  With so many images, inspiration and ideas floating out there today you’ve seen glimmers of what speaks to you what resonates in your soul. We want to be your partner in loftiness and dreams….make it happen. Magic carpet rides included.

Is there a price to making dreams come true? Esoterically speaking, no. Practically speaking….yes.  AB Designs has both hourly rates and entire room/homes packages available. Markups may apply.

Interior design and minor construction projects are our sweet spot, practically, esoterically and inspirationally speaking.  We like it when inspirations and real life intersect.