Magpie Events specializes in meaningful event planning with the goal being an event that captures the dreams and imaginations of the client.  These are the sweet little functions that you want to look like you really didn’t make a fuss, and actually you didn’t, we will.  That’s the beauty of it.  Whatever you’ve conjured up one night browsing through insta, we are there to help make sure it turns out just like you. Dinner parties, backyard movies with your friends and family to say hello to summer or a little potluck to welcome fall.  Whatever sweet dreams you have we can  be your pixie dust.

Because each event, wedding, celebration or gathering differs in scope, MAGPIE EVENTS practices bespoke pricing, a customized approach to determine a level of consideration that is appropriate to the event. Through discussion and conversation, an amount that is commensurate with the level of detail, time, effort, scope and intricacies will be determined. Examples of possible packages are below:


These little events are pretty easy breezy, so we would just help you start to finish. 35 hours of design, implementation, set up, break down, vendor coordination and you are ready to rock.  Access to Magpie’s Closet, a boutique rental, included.


Maybe want to do some of the work yourself? We can arrange that, but we are picky so you have to promise you’ll do a good job….15 hours of concept design, some execution of agreed products.  Access to Mapgie’s Closet, a boutique rental, included.

Additional hours available.