Annie Brady Design is home to Magpie Events, AB Design, MP  Lifestyle. A testimony that it’s not just Colonel Sanders who can start a business after 50.  At 57 Annie Brady started an event planning business,  along with some interior design and a little bit of lifestyle advice, because at 57 you can give out advice.  Many of her friends quote her as saying “I’m not bossy I just have better ideas”, which may or may not be true.  Her event planning experience includes tea parties with dolls, house parties with Barbie and real parties with real people. Design and decor experience started with herself, then to her family who had no real choice and then on to friends….it’s an evolution.

Magpie Events specializes in meaningful event planning with the goal being an event that captures the dreams and imaginations of the client.

AB Design is focused on finding the inspiration of the client and implementing a design that meets that inspiration.

MP Lifestyle is dedicated to exploring the best ideas in design, travel, fashion, food, philosophy.

“Eventually everything connects-people, ideas, objects.  The quality of the connection is the key to quality per se.”-Charles Eames