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I’m not always thankful when I should be.  In fact, I’m not thankful a lot.  I’m worried, I’m doubtful, I’m negative. Thankful usually happens when something bad might happen but doesn’t, then I’m like woah, sooooo thankful.  I mean, at the base of it all I’m a grateful person. I know I’ve gotten a good deal in this life.  I appreciate the good deal. … Read More Thankful

Pack Rat

Sometimes our weaknesses come in handy….I might be considered a bit of a pack rat. I may or may not have a craft closet that has boxes of ribbons, and empty frames from hobby lobby, cute little food containers, and styrofoam heads, confetti in all shapes and sizes, American flags and fancy pea shooters….it’s like a little slice of heaven. Sometimes I wonder-what am … Read More Pack Rat