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Reflections on Image

  WHEN THE IMAGE IS NEW THE WORLD IS NEW-Gaston Bachelard I love beautiful design and things, or mostly I really appreciate them.  How they make you feel when you see them for the first time.  The appreciation for the person who magically thought of gathering balloons in waves of color, or was skillful in arranging simple flowers to make them look majestic or … Read More Reflections on Image


Love, pure and simple

This blog, and website is a place for celebrations and pretty pictures, chronicling and thinking about the best of times on this place we call home.  So is it the place to talk about dying and what goes with that, and how it feels when someone we love becomes part of the celestial sky….maybe it’s the perfect place. Dying, it is one of only … Read More Love, pure and simple

Seeing is Believing

Humans, we were born to be on the move(at least this one was), so that we can sense with every part of our being our surroundings and the sights, sounds, smells, temperature, nuances, tastes that accompany where we are at any given moment.  That’s why we travel, not just to see the world but to know it.  To know it in the intimate way … Read More Seeing is Believing

Why woudn’t I?

I was on a trip last fall with a great group of women, some I knew well, others a little and one not at all.  We went to France, ooohhhlaaalaaa. I love to travel, even to Bixby. It’s about the unknown, what’s around the corner, the sites, the newness, fresh eyes.  I love seeing something for the first time like I’m a kid again.  … Read More Why woudn’t I?


I DO, powerful little words.  No doubt when they are seen or heard their intentions are clear.  Lives are changed, love is exchanged, dreams are made.  It starts out in as many different ways as there are stars in the sky; first looks in an 8th grade class, a blind date at 30, a cross word at 24, a reunion at 63, but it’s … Read More I DO


Where does the spark begin, where something becomes important, where it takes hold of your heart, lands in your brain and puts down roots.  Where it becomes inexplicably entwined into who you are and what you love.  I thought about that one day, why do celebrations, parties, dinners, weddings, gatherings of any sort, why do they  matter  so much to me. Why do the … Read More Celebrations