Sometimes our weaknesses come in handy….I might be considered a bit of a pack rat. I may or may not have a craft closet that has boxes of ribbons, and empty frames from hobby lobby, cute little food containers, and styrofoam heads, confetti in all shapes and sizes, American flags and fancy pea shooters….it’s like a little slice of heaven. Sometimes I wonder-what am I doing with all of this loot-until it’s PARTY TIME, and then I just walk up to my little store pull out a few things, and voila I’ve got myself a festive gathering. It’s surprising what you can do with a few leftovers from here and there mixed in with a few new things to inspire you.

Part of my new adventure is to share my little closet with others….I mean why should I have all the fun.  Sometimes all you need is a new dinner plate to get you going, or a few fun lanterns to add to your walkway to greet guests, maybe some fresh napkins that give a twist to your table.  Magpie’s Closet can be a fun little option to your entertaining plans. Think about it, just being able to grab a few new plates, like from your favorite neighbor, except this neighbor has fun new things with a few hints on how to make it festive, you just pick them up and bring them back a few days later ready for the next “neighbor” to “borrow” and by borrow I mean rent…just so there is no confusion that you might think like I’m the best neighbor alive and willing to buy fun stuff and loan it out for free cause I’m so nice…..probably not that nice.  Nice is overrated, but fun, and crafty and creative, with good loot, now that’s worth something.

What I love about the world now is that there are no right ways to do anything, there is just potential….there is freedom and a focus on experiencing things, more than loading up on things….but there is also a love for design and style and fresh.  That’s why I love the idea of sharing beautiful things. No one needs a closet full of dishes, or linens, or lanterns or lighted signs that say Drive-In , (except for me, haha) so why not “borrow” those when you need them?  Like when it’s 4th of July and you want some darling white plates with blue trim, or you need an I DO sign for your next bridal shower, maybe some bohemian tie-dye napkins to round out your 60’s party, or special pink champagne glasses to toast your favorite 50th birthday girl, or some mad men martini shakers for when your are listening to Frank, Dean and the rest of the rat pack croon along….I know I’m a little loopy about these things but seriously, one little item can transform your event, it can take it from nice to memorable, but more importantly it can inspire  and connect the dots. These little things can lift us up, and make us feel good, and happy and light.

Magpie’s closet is a place to grab something that speaks to you, that both inspires you and makes your life richer but simpler. It’s like having the best neighbor on the block, who may have a little problem with collecting things…..



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