magpie_events_014I DO, powerful little words.  No doubt when they are seen or heard their intentions are clear.  Lives are changed, love is exchanged, dreams are made.  It starts out in as many different ways as there are stars in the sky; first looks in an 8th grade class, a blind date at 30, a cross word at 24, a reunion at 63, but it’s a spark, a spark that lights a path that two people want to walk, hand in hand.  So they say I DO.

I DO, small but mighty. I DO is jam packed with so much.  It’s I will, I want to, I hope, I dream, I promise, I believe.  It’s tradition and freedom, it’s leaving and joining, it’s bittersweet and full of joy. I DO says more in two words than paragraphs, chapters and novels. It says Yes. And the day of I DO is also more.  It’s not just the joining of two souls and the commitment of lives coming together, although that sounds like plenty,  it’s so much more. It’s a father who gets the chance to honor his child in a very special way, a mother who breathes easily knowing that her child is loved publicly and with joy, it’s brothers and sisters who add another sibling to their crew, and it’s grandparents who find comfort in knowing that they have contributed to the world in the form of love and promise through their grandchildren.  It’s not just two people, it’s their world saying I DO.

I DO, a strong statement.  A statement with intent and reflection and the day of I DO should look just like that , the day of I DO should represent the I’s in the I DO.  There should be no compromise, if the I’s want a court wedding with lunch at McDonalds that’s what they should have, if the I’s want an over the top circus tent themed wedding and their bank account can fulfill that dream, have at it.  These are the days for expression, of ideas, and love.  The chance to go all out with flowers at every turn, or one simple daisy.  It’s the day for every color of the rainbow, or the classic beauty of black and white. It’s the day for fancy finger foods or burgers and fries, champagne or sweet tea.  The day of I DO should feel like the I’s had a day plucked from dreamland, manifested in reality and permanently painted in their memory. The weddings I recently designed were very different in look, but equally stunning and beautiful, but best of all they were authentic, they felt like the two couples and their families.  They wouldn’t have had it any other way, because they are dreamers and doers and lovers of life. Every wedding should look and feel like the couple and their dreams, whatever that may be.  It’s their chance to stamp life with a beginning, a celebration. So let’s leave shoulds, and don’ts and whys out of a day where love comes together, where two I’s come together to DO what we all want….to commit to one another a life full of I will, I want to, I hope, I dream, I promise, I believe, I DO.


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